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King Selassie I

Haile Selassie I Visit To Jamaica
 Selassie I visited Jamaica on Thursday, 21 April 1966. Some 100,000 Rastafari from all over Jamaica descended on Palisadoes Airport in Kingston,[1] having heard that the man whom they considered to be God was coming to visit them. They waited at the airport playing drums and smoking large quantities of marijuana.[1] Today the Rastafarians celebrate that Haile Selassie visited Jamaica on April 21st.
When Haile Selassie's Ethiopian Airlines flight landed at the airport at 1:30 PM, the crowd surrounded his plane on the tarmac. The day had been overcast and stormy. After about half an hour, the door swung open and the emperor appeared at the top of the mobile steps. A deafening tumult was heard from the crowd, who beat calabash drums, lit firecrackers, waved signs, and sounded Abeng horns of the Maroons.[2] All protocol was dropped as the crowd pressed past the security forces and onto the red carpet that had been laid out for the reception. Selassie waved from the top of the steps; some interpreters have claimed that he shed tears, although this is disputed. He then returned into the plane, disappearing for several more minutes. Finally Jamaican authorities were obliged to request Ras Mortimer Planno, a well-known Rasta leader, to climb the steps, enter the plane, and negotiate the

King Selassie I Stepping off the plane in Jamaica


Emperor's descent.[3] When Planno reemerged, he announced to the crowd: "The Emperor has instructed me to tell you to be calm. Step back and let the Emperor land"[4] After Planno escorted the African monarch down the steps, journalists were puzzled by Selassie's refusal to walk on the red carpet on the way to his limousine. [hence grounation, Iyaric equivalent of foundation, "uplifted" with the sound of the word ground in the sense of "making contact with the soil"] He was then driven to the King's House, the residence of Governor-General Clifford Campbell.[5]
As a result of Planno's actions, the Jamaican authorities were asked to ensure that Rastafarian representatives were present at all state functions attended by His Majesty,[6][7] and Rastafari elders, including Planno and probably Joseph Hibbert, also obtained a private faudience with the Emperor,[8] where he reportedly told them that they should not immigrate to Ethiopia until they had first liberated the people of Jamaica. This dictum came to be known as "liberation before repatriation". At a dinner held at the King's House, Rastas claimed that acting Jamaican Prime Minister Donald Sangster had stamped his foot at Lulu, Haile Selassie's pet chihuahua, who, they swore, had responded with the roar of a lion.[9]
Defying expectations of the Jamaican authorities,[10] Selassie never rebuked the Rastafari for their belief in him as the Messiah. Instead, he presented the movement's faithful elders with gold medallions bearing the Ethiopian seal – the only recipients of such an honour on this visit.[[5] Learn more abou the King in the book "Convert to Rastafari!"


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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Can White People Be Rasta?

Jah Sees the Heart!

People see the physical Jah sees the heart. Yes. White people can be Rasta because Jah, knows the heart of each individual at "conception" this is before physical characteristics are formed. Jah looks at the heart of the person to know if they will make an honest, loving, and honorable, Rasta.

Alborosie is a White Rasta!

Alborosie is a White Rastafari...No, I mean a Real Rasta! You can hear the sounds and words of Jah, in his Rastafari Reggae Music.

How are White Rasta accepted in the Rasta Community?

It really depends, if you are a White Rastafari and you are passionate about Rastafari and King Selassie I, then we will love and respect you because your passion is contagious and you embrace the faith honestly. But if you are a White Rasta or even a Black Rasta, and you don't take the faith seriously. Then we will still accept you, but perhaps not be as enthusiastic about deepening the friendship.

Are White Rasta an offence?

Quite the opposite White Rasta are a Conformation of Jah! White Rasta are a declaration to the World that Jah is Real and that King Selassie I rule the world. White Rasta help to deliver the message of love Unity and Pride, and to make the message colorless, and boundless, and Universal Just like Jah.

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    How Can I begin my Journey as a White Rastafari?

    Very Easily. This Rasta blog is a great place to start. Here are 6 tips to get you started.
    1. Start reading as many books on Rastafari as you can get your hands on.
    2. Buy and hang your first Rasta flag. This helps to bring the love and power of King Selassie I into your home. It feels really good
    3. Start learning about Rastafari from other Rasta
    4. Develop your own relationship with Jah
    5. Know in your heart you are Rasta and you need no approval
    6. Start embracing Red yellow and Green and Grow your locks

    Read the book "Rasta Way of Life" I wrote to help people who want to live as Rasta.

    Jah Bless.
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    Monday, July 7, 2014


    What is the meaning of Dreadlocks?

    Check out this Great Book on called "Dreads!"

    5 Things that Dreadlocks Represent in Rastafari

    1. King Selassie I, of Ethiopia
    2. Jah
    3. Love for self and Love for Others
    4. Unity within and Without
    5. Natural Spiritual Way of Life (Rastafari)

    How Can I get Dreadlocks?

    You can get Dreadlocks Very Easy. Just stop combing your hair. This is the most natural Way to Get Dreadlocks.

    Here is a video on how to Get Dreadlocks!

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    Rastafari (A Very Short Introduction)
    My Favorite Book on Rastafari

    How to Become a Rasta!

    Learn how to Become a Rasta
    Rasta Way of Life

     Blacked Out Through Whitewash
    Learn your African Roots and History (the truth)
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    Friday, July 4, 2014

    Convert to Rastafari

    How to Convert to Be a Rasta

    Rastafari is a Truth that is for everyone. Therefor there is no real "set" conversion to Rastafari, since Rastafari is not a Religion. However there are somethings you can do to Accept your Self as Rasta.
    Here are 5 tips to get you Started! 
    Tip#1  Grow your "Natty" Dreadlocks
     Dreadlocks Represent independent Creative individualistic thinking, and a natural clean lifestyle.

    Tip #2  Become a Vegan
     Rasta are Vegan, and do not eat meat. Many Rasta eat foods that grow on a tree, or out of the ground, or are unprocessed. Become a Vegan (no dairy, no fish, no chicken) and Embrace life as Rasta eating, what Rasta call "Ital."
    Rastafari (A Very Short Introduction)
    My Favorite Book on Rastafari
    Tip #3  Learn about Africa
    Rasta know all men originate from Africa. Rasta love to learn about African History and Culture. Start reading books about Africa and watching videos to learn more about African Culture....this will connect you to your "Root Truth" as A Rasta.

    Tip# 4 Listen To Rasta Reggae Music

    listening to Rastafari Reggae Music is a Great Way ot learn about Rastafari Living and How to embrace Jah. Buy your First Bob Marley Cd Today. "Survival" is a Great Album.
    Tip #5 Wear Red Yellow and Green Jewelry!
    Rasta Love to Wear Red Yellow and Green Jewelry as these are the colors of the Ehtiopian Flag, the original Flag of Rastafari.


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    Rasta Way of Life


    5 Basic Concepts to Live as Rasta

    1. King Selassie I is Divine
    2. Dreadlocks Represents natural Living
    3. Lion of Judah Represents Rastafari Living
    4. All (hu) men originate as African (Ethiopian)
    5. Peace and Love, and clean food Living (Clean, Ital)

    Buy "Rasta Way of Life" the eBook
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